Welcome to Mum&Co

Mum&Co is family company created to bring you close to your loved ones. 

How? We offer cakes, flowers and presents through an online store and other services.
 All we produce is handmade, with family recipes, custom made.

  Welcome to our family.

Our story

Mum&Co is a company created by a mom, who in company of her daughter started to share their culinary and handcrafting skills with friends. As it grew, it was legally funded, back in 2011. Since then, we have served many happy costumers and helped them come closer to their dear ones in Guatemala, as to gift special and unique presents in USA and Europe. 


Mum&Co offers an online store through Facebook 
or WebStore.  

All products found on store are available for immediate shipping.

All products on the store are unique and handmade with high quality standards.



Mum&Co offers for foreign costumers payment trough:

  • International bank transfers
  • MoneyGram
  • WesternUnion

Mum&Co expects to offer creditcard payments as soon as possible.


We ship in Guatemala (fee depends on distance) and to foreign countries trough  DHL, UPS or FedEx. (You pick the company as it works better for you.)

Cakes and Flowers

Come close to your family, loved ones and friends in Guatemala.
Gift them with sweets and smiles that leave your print on their special ocasions. We offer bouquets, centerpieces, cakes, candy bar (no industry products), and much more.
All custom designed.
We also offer special souvenirs.


Gifting is an art. Is one special way of saying "I love you". As that special someone is, so should the present.
We offer handmade, unique, original, custom presents for all ages, that bring to the modern world a touch of oldshool techniques and love.
Woven, painted, embossed and many other handcrafting skills

Our costumer service crew is ready to help you out. Our fanpage on Facebook and Instagram are in spanish but we all speak fluent English. So please, contact us.

You can send us a Whatsapp message available at the top button on this screen.

Social Media

You'll find a sample of on-going projects and much more of cakes, flowers and presents. Follow us, get to know us better. Welcome to the Mum&Co Family.

Please contact us for any aditional information on pricing, purchasing, payment or shipping.
 As well as getting estimates of any product or service. 

Perhaps, you need a little Guatemala at home.

 We can also help you out with destination events.